How much weight can a KCOTN Bag hold?

Every KCOTN bag is a robust bag, suitable for daily use to take along your daily necessities. Want to take along a laptop, a charger and some notebooks? Your study books, a wallet and lunch? No problem, the bag can carry the weight!

How can I maintain my KCTON Bag?

Due to the sustainable tanning process, the leather of a bag is very durable and flexible. Over time, if you notice the leather gets drier, it can be maintained by applying colourless leather wax.

Is my KCOTN products water resistant?

From inside it is water resistant but not 100%, Fabrics are upcycled from outside so they are not water resistant. However, as we don't use chemicals, it is not waterproof.

Can I wash my KCOTN products?

We don't recommend washing your KCOTN products with soap or detergents, as the embroidery work gets affected. If you want to remove a stain in the cotton, try it with a wet wipe or with a wet cloth. However, always be careful not to touch outside fabric with soap or detergents!

If a KCOTN product is sold-out, will it return?

If a product is sold-out but still in the collection, it will return to the collection promptly. In other words, keep checking the website! If you don’t want to risk that the bag is sold out again before you get the chance to order it, drop us an e-mail at support@kcotn.in to reserve your own KCOTN product.

If a product is no longer in the collection, can I place a special order?

When a product is no longer part of the collection, it is not possible to order it anymore. However, there is a good chance that the item, or an updated version, returns to the collection. Subscribe to the newsletter below and follow our Instagram for regular updates.

I ordered a product, when will it be shipped?

We’ll ship your order within 1-3 business days. You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation and a tracking number when your order has been shipped. Within the India this means that you'll get your product within a working week. International shipment can take longer, depending on where you live.

Can I track my order once it's shipped?

Yes, we always provide you with a track and trace code!